Weekly Inspiration: What we’ve found on the internet this week – 02/04/18


Welcome to our new series – It’s a little bit of “Weekly inspiration” – Our Top Five Reads on the Internet this Week chosen by Lee, our resident Social Media Kiwi.   It is designed to be your little bit of inspiration and focusing on what we are all about here at The Kiwi Social.




Your Weekly Inspiration for 02/04/18

  1. Here’s how to actually make journaling a habit.
  2. How to get your blog noticed when no one knows you.
  3. Creative coffee breaks.  Q&A with Alpha Foodie
  4. The Olympics are your reminder to JUST. START
  5. What makes a really good email

Bonus Inspiration:

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it…”

– Simon Sinek

One last thing – I am listening to a lot of audio books at the moment – Currently listening to Start with Why – by Simon Sinek

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See You next Week.

lee x

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