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Well what a wonderful day I’ve had at my first full day event from The Kiwi Social.  The theme for the day was to create enough Instagram pictures for 30 days with “Who am I marketing to?” in mind. I’m not currently an Instagram user, but as a clueless beginner to the whole subject of marketing (well, of being a business person at all actually) and finding it rather overwhelming and intimidating I figured it would be a very useful experience

The group was fairly small, easy going and friendly, with a really diverse range of businesses, from Professional Photographer to Town Planner to Interior Designer to name a few.

I have not been involved with sales and marketing from a personal business point of view in any shape or form before, only ever as a consumer, in which case I, like everybody else, have been bombarded with sales and marketing to the point where I am completely turned off by it all and find it a big fat pain in the a…!  So, flip it on its head and look at it from a small business person’s point of view it turns out to be a completely fascinating subject, made all-the-more interesting by the dynamic duo (Lee and Eifion just in case you’re wondering).

Lee is up first and bursting with knowledge and enthusiasm, not to mention a whole lot of brilliant tips and tactics gleaned from her recent trip to San Diego.

The approach is to get you thinking for yourself, so a series of questions were posed to help you get your brain in gear and as it is an interactive process it gets everyone chatting and collaborating and the creative juices flowing. Which I might add is one of the major benefits of being a Kiwi Social Member, being around other business bods is a major source of inspiration, finding such company is not so easy when you are a one man/woman business.

We looked at what marketing means to us as individuals, how we currently market our products or services and what areas we need to know, concentrate on and learn about. Having an Instagram (Facebook, Twitter, Website) planned and prepared for strategy for posting throughout the month was discussed in some detail, along with guidelines for the different types of content for you grid (in my case learning what a grid is to start off with).

Buffet lunch was included and was a real treat with plenty on offer and catered for all tastes, including vegetarian and vegan, (it also included Eton Mess for pudding, yum!) This was also a great opportunity for us to chat freely and get to know each other a little better. It’s always interesting to hear other people’s stories of how they came to be doing what they do and their approach to their businesses. There seems to be a great sense of freedom and passion in what they do, from those that have opted to go it alone.

After lunch it’s over to Eifion and to the practicalities of producing those Instagram pictures. There were several different work areas set up, three with different back drops with lighting set ups and tripods provided, for normal product photography. Also, there were various options available for flat lay photography in natural light.  Each of us had brought along a whole selection of our own business props to use in our pictures, but there was also a huge selection of props provided by Lee and Eifion to choose from too.

This really is where Eifion shines, after making sure each of our photographic requirements have been catered to, he then spent time with each of us, one to one, sharing his knowledge and skill (and in my case his 30mm macro lens), with such patience and encouragement, to help us learn the technicalities of producing a selection of personalised good quality images for future use for Instagram or any other social media platform.  I happily spent the rest of the afternoon experimenting with a variety of props and layouts, with regular help and guidance from Eifion, and after a bit of trial and error (always a most effective way of learning) I produced a selection of decent shots.

The whole day was so uplifting and inspiring; I have come away with a better understanding of consumer psychology, and how to improve my business with that psychology in mind, and some much-needed practical skills in how to go about producing some visual enticement for my audience to encourage them to buy into me and my products.

Lee and Eifion’s dedication to their Kiwi Social and Welshot members is very evident in everything they do.  The Kiwi Social are not just a business providing a service, they are passionate facilitators of budding entrepreneurs’ dreams and ambitions.

Jacqui Turner


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