This Little Piggy went to The Kiwi Social…


This Little Piggy went to The KIWI SOCIAL…

It’s amazing how excited a person can be about a day-out sitting in a training room on the second floor of a Chester city hotel.  But this was a day with a difference, so I thought I’d tell you all about it.

It began with pigs which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

Kiwi Social has been a while coming. But now it’s arrived, we’re all having great time. Some of us have transferred over from the Welshot Imaging Photographic Academy “Business & Bloggers”  Membership Package and a few of us are new additions, all eager to learn about social media and marketing and grow our businesses and blogs.

Today was the first full day of Kiwi Social and we assembled over cappuccinos and laptops in the business suite of the Crown Plaza Hotel in Chester. 

A smart venue with easy access by car and free parking after 3.00pm in the adjacent multi-storey.

Coffee and tea, cookies and sweets and a gourmet buffet lunch. What more could a girl want? You certainly get well looked after at Kiwi Social, that’s for sure!

Draw a pig, they said, so we all drew a pig (of sorts). Some of us more artistic than others! It turns out that there are deep psychological conclusions about our personality and our world view to be drawn from this pig. Is it at the top of the page? Does it have big ears? Which way is it facing? Does it have legs? How long is it’s wiggly tail? We laughed, and thankfully that was really the only point.

We love Debbie Hunt here at Kiwi Social. She is inspiration personified. After one of her sessions it is impossible not to feel challenged, enlightened, inspired, and often – deeply moved – all at the same time. She’s funny, thoughtful, perceptive, clever and totally inclusive. Her questions are thought provoking and really help you to take your eyes off the ground and see the big picture.

Once we’d all had a good laugh at each other’s pigs we set about doing a thoughtful review of 2017 – our highs and lows, what worked well and what failed completely, both in life and business.

We searched through our diaries and planners for our best moments and noted everything down on charts and lists. I found this a really helpful exercise and something that everyone should have a go at. It’s so easy to slide from one year to the next and not stop to take stock. We forget to celebrate our successes, learn from our mistakes and the months just merge into one big fuzz.

Reflecting on the past 12 months led to goal setting for the future and by the end of the session we all have 3 months of quite specific goals and activities that we are determined to achieve in the first quarter of 2018. What a great start to the New Year.

Lunch was splendid. We were promised gourmet, and it didn’t disappoint. Everyone tucked in and fuelled up for the afternoon.

Chris Doyle, Kiwi Social’s resident web site manager, led the first session of the afternoon with some top tips on SEO for our websites and blogs. It was a welcome introduction to the basics of optimising our Search Engine Optimisation and getting our online presence to rank more highly on Google. This is not the easiest task for no-techie types but Chris’ broad principles were a great start to a subject that will continue over the months ahead and increase in depth as we all get better at it.

Our very own Queen of social media, Lee Iggulden, led the final session with an introduction to Facebook advertising. Organic engagement on Facebook is increasingly tricky and as businesses we are all being encouraged to embrace sponsored posts to achieve and track targeted results. Practical sessions are always rewarding when you can visibly see the “lightbulb’ moments around the table.

Everyone’s favourite photography guru, Eifion Williams, was on hand to answer questions and offer the opportunity for flat lay photographs. Some folk had brought products along to create images for their social media.

It’s true that training days have a lot in common – you drink too much coffee, you make copious notes and by 4.00pm your brain feels completely saturated. But this Kiwi Social was more that just a training day. It’s an enthusiastic community that’s melding together, building trust and finding ways to get the best for ourselves and each other.

They say content is king and today at The Kiwi Social it really was – jam packed with fantastic information, top tips and guidance to whet our appetite for the months ahead.

We’ve only just started the journey, so if this sort of thing appeals to you, get in touch and find out more. We’d love to welcome you to our little gang of Kiwi Socialites.

The next full day event for The Kiwi Social is all about creating content for your Social Media, Website and Blog

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