Jelly Beans and Vision Boards – The Kiwi Social Content Planning & Image Creation Workshop


Boards. I know pin boards, white boards and even paddle boards (from a safe distance). I know cake boards especially well with a cupboard full of them in my kitchen. But today was about vision boards – something quite new to me.

Bring scissors and magazines, they said.

It’ll be fun, they said.

And guess what – it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

Today was the Kiwi Social Content Planning & Image Creation Workshop

The day was ably led by a crack team of Lee/Debbie/Nuala, recovering from various forms of cold/flu/asthma, and the still-healthy Eifion, chief photographer and pharmacy-runner.

It’s quite hard to drag yourself away from home on a chilly Sunday morning but the Chester Crowne Plaza is worth the effort. There’s all day parking, coffee and cold drinks on tap and as many jelly beans as you can eat. There’s even a tasty lunch included with provision for all dietary requirements.

If you’d come today – you’d have met Sarah, Nicole, Julie and Lynn. Sandra D and Sandra P, and of course little ol’ me.  We’re all at various stages of small business ownership. We’re beauticians, kitchen designers, card makers, photographers, network managers, planning consultants and there’s even a cake-maker.

Content is totally different for all of us, but there’s some great principles we can all learn and apply – whatever type of business we are leading. We brainstormed the inner workings of straplines and the key features of effective online marketing. We discovered the secrets of brand messaging and the subtleties of customer engagement. We even analysed our super-customer, our “sneezer” and looked at ways to adapt content style to reach this (our best) target market.

Copious notes are scribed and flip charts furiously filled. Gel pens are flying, and the air is filled with a heady mix of tiger balm, throat sweets and light bulb moments.

We are inspired and challenged. We are full to bursting with new ideas and old school things we want to do better.

But the best is yet to come…..

Over-caffeinated and virtually hypoglycaemic on jelly beans, we are finally let loose on the Vision Boards.

I’ve recently done a online Pinterest Vision Board which was useful, but the “magazine and scissors” version is much more fun. Most of us combined a personal and business board. Often when you’re self employed it’s hard to separate the two – as we all do what we love!

My Board ended up being a big happy representation of what makes me smile and hopefully will bring me joy in the next 12 months. My wants and needs, my ambitions and dreams, my feelings and emotions, my goals and targets.

We all had a mix of words and images – as much as Country Living and Photography magazines allowed.

The centre focus of my Vision Board was a cut out of the words “GROWING STRONGER”, which appealed to me not in the original context of the veggie plot, but as a motivational buzz word for how I hope and dream that 2018 will be.

Yes, The Kiwi Social is helping me with my business growth and giving me loads of ideas to try out, but being part of this community is inspiring me as a whole person too – and I love that.


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